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Update by user Nov 24, 2011

Further disgusting developments: Carbonite offers NO refunds on your year-long subscription.

When my disaster happened, I had only about a month on my desktop computer; however, we had recently added our primary office computer -- the one with all our client accounts -- to their service. So, we tried to cancel both of them. Their response: you have to cancel within the first 60 days to qualify for a refund.

Ergo: when you finally find out the service is a scam -- via a disaster -- not only are you out of luck, but your are also out your money.

In order to assure that their auto-renewal did not take effect, I deleted all credit card information from their web site, since there was no other way to cance3. Now, I am receiving multiple email alerts to renew. Talk about adding insult to injury!!

Update by user Nov 01, 2011

More rip-offs from Carbonite. They don\'t offer any refunds when you finally find out their service is useless.

You\'re supposed to determine this within the FIRST 60 DAYS of utilizing their service in order to qualify for a refund. How likely is it that you\'ll discover you\'ve been scammed that quickly? It took me 2+ years.

Clearly, their refund policy was written by the typical shark attorney who protects them and eats everyone else alive. For a few years I worked for some of those attorneys before I left the profession in disgust.

Original review posted by user Oct 24, 2011

Carbonite is a rip-off. What they don't tell you is that, if you corrupt a file, it is gone forever.

There information says that they keep a back-up for 30 days. Surprise! That's only of anything you may have deleted.

Friday (Oct 21), after 2 years with the service, I accidentally corrupted a master document, representing 20 years of accumulated information. When I tried to retrieve it, the only version they had was the corrupted one. So, everything was gone.

And, because they represent that they keep everything for 30 days, I have not been backing it up separately to the external hard drive on my computer. You bet I will be backing every master up now.

The only good news was that I had a 6 month old version on my home laptop, so I only need to reconstruct the latest additions -- the research for which took me 3 weeks.

By the way, the tech made no apologies, nor did Carbonite take any responsibility. The least they could do would be to explain how their system actually works.

California Dreamer

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California Dreamer

I am so sorry that you, too, had to go through what I experienced. I still haven't entirely recreated the master document that got corrupted.

It represented 25 years of work. I'm still working on pulling the data from numerous sources.

Hope your review, together with mine, helps others. :sigh


I too fell prey to the Carbonite "corrupt file" cop-out. After having a major crash that caused me to have to restore factory settings on my computer I found that Carbonite had NONE of my files safe.

I lost years of my small business documents, graphics and spreadsheets. Fortunately I had Outlook and Quickbooks backed up on a flash drive. Even though I verified that my files were accessible on the Carbonite drive before I restored my system, Carbonite said they were all corrupt. They did refund the last payment I made and said they couldn't do anything else for me.

I have spent the last 6 months recreating files as I need them. BEWARE OF THE FALSE SECURITY CARBONITE SELLS!

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